RIP, George HW Bush


I had relatively few occasions to draw the first President Bush, who died last Friday, during his single term. Probably the best was the first, a party invitation for Inaugural Day at Eve’s and my loft in New York. This was only ironically a celebratory occasion; we were good Democrats who had supported Bush’s opponent Michael Dukakis. I actually painted a caricature of Bush on our floor for guests to dance on, though it was not as detailed as the one on the flyer:

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American Bystander #8


The latest issue of AMERICAN BYSTANDER has just arrived. Well, actually I got the PDF for it over a month ago, but I don’t REALLY think it’s arrived until my package of physical copies shows up on the front porch. This issue continues the high standards the fledgling humor magazine has set for itself, with contributions by mainstays M.K.Brown, Howard Cruse, Drew Friedman, Randall Enos, Ron Barrett, Rick Geary, and Peter Kuper, a cover by Barry Blitt, as well as an illustration by yours truly.

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Modern Love Podcast: “An Ancient Coda to My 21st Century Divorce.”


Just in time for Halloween, here is my most recent illustration for the Modern Love Podcast. From the website:

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by Maria Konnikova

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Modern Love Illustration: “The Plain, Unmarked Box Arrived”


My most recent illustration for the Modern Love Podcast appeared yesterday. From the website:

“Looking to revitalize your marriage? Try buying a $400 sex chair. It could work wonders — or it could be co-opted as a cool new toy by your 7-year-old son. On this week’s Modern Love podcast, Kristen Bell reads “The Plain, Unmarked Box Arrived,” an essay about one couple’s ambitious attempt to escape the doldrums of parenthood.

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RIP, John McCain


I had remembered drawing a lot of caricatures of recently deceased Senator and Presidential candidate John McCain over the years, but I was only able to find a few in my archives. This group caricature from the 2000 New Hampshire Primary, drawn for INX, was the earliest. In case you don’t recognize them, the other figures are Texas Governor and eventual winner George W. Bush, Senator and former basketball star Bill Bradley, and Vice President Al Gore:

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Dead Astronaut Drops!


The other day, this announcement turned up on my Facebook wall:

“i have taken it upon myself to release the album Matthew has been dwelling on for the past 3 years

in a long-drawn-out debate regarding how and when to release it, time escaped us, and the initial pride of his (and his mates’) hard work swiftly dissipated into a query of whether or not this album continued to represent him. i will admit that his voice, his guitar skills, and even his writing style have evolved immensely since this recording – but i think it’s still something the world deserves to hear

you’re my favourite artist. don’t kill me”

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by Gretchen Jane Gruber

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Modern Love Podcast: The Hunter-Gatherer, Parking Division With Jason Alexander


One of my Modern Love column illustrations from 2007 ran with the podcast last week. From the website: “Finding the right partner can feel impossible. But not as impossible as finding the perfect parking space in New York City. Andy Raskin describes the search for both in his essay, “The Hunter-Gatherer, Parking Division.”

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