Autobiographical Comics: The Artist Responds

Last week I got something unexpected in the mail, a copy of a new book from Bloomsbury Academic, AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL COMICS, by Andrew J.Kunka. It wasn’t totally unexpected, since Kunka had approached me last year for permission to reprint two pages from one of my comics in the book, but in the meantime I had completely … Continue reading Autobiographical Comics: The Artist Responds


Last night was the long-awaited theatrical premiere of 24 HOUR COMIC, the documentary film directed by Milan Erceg, in which I appear along with seven the other artists including my daughter Rebecca, drawing– what else?– 24 hour comics. The premiere at the Laurelhurst Theater in Portland went well; we had a near-full house, the audience … Continue reading 24 HOUR COMIC Opens! ARE YOU BEING WATCHED? Ends!


Last Friday, I put up another two page installment of my continuing webcomic about Reality TV, ARE YOU BEING WATCHED? on Patreon. This week we meet our three celebrity judges who will decide who is this week’s winner, and who will be eliminated on the 24 Hour Comic Reality TV show hosted by Eisner-award nominated … Continue reading ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?: Up The Yin-Yang!

Mugg Makes Some Changes

I posted the latest page of my serialized webcomic ARE YOU BEING WATCHED? on Patreon yesterday. In this installment, Mugg is managing a comic shop on the Reality TV program Cellar Dwellers, and has decided to make some changes in the store, inspired by a visit from a fetching female comics fan (Mandy in her … Continue reading Mugg Makes Some Changes

It’s Starting To Get Real

I just got a preview copy of SLEEPLESS, my second 24 Hour Comics collection from Dark Horse, in the mail yesterday. The book itself drops on April 5th, 2016 (not, as I previously reported, in February). It includes six stories: David Chelsea is reading: The American Bystander #1 edited by Michael A Gerber

The Secret Stash: Letters To Mom

The Third Thursday of the month is when I post Secret Stash material to my Patreon page; sketchbook drawings, old decorated envelopes, and other ephemera. This month I have a gallery of envelopes for letters I sent to my mother, Lolita Celsi, when she was getting her degree in Teaching English As A Second Language … Continue reading The Secret Stash: Letters To Mom

First Thursday on Patreon: Zap Comix 3D Fan Art!

Yesterday was First Thursday, when I post Fan Art to my Patreon page. This month I have something extra-special for my loyal Patrons (as well as freeloading site visitors), drawings of characters from Zap Comix, all in eyepopping 3D!! David Chelsea is watching: Phil Spector starring Al Pacino