Pushing The Envelope One-shots

I have been scanning a lot of decorated envelopes sent to me by longtime correspondents like Geoff Seaman, Amy Schoppert, Elsa Warnick and Steven Abrams, but I have also heard from some people to whom I only wrote for a short time who have saved their one example for years. David Chelsea is listening to: … Continue reading Pushing The Envelope One-shots

Letters To Steve

Another of my far-flung correspondents has sent me a batch of decorated envelopes. I met Steven Abrams when he was an intern at my first publisher, Eclipse Comics. Later Steve was my assistant on Welcome To the Zone, and now he works for the Jimmy Kimmel Live show in Los Angeles. David Chelsea is reading … Continue reading Letters To Steve

The Stumptown That Wasn’t

As reported in my last post, I had a pretty good time at Stumptown this year. There is only one way the event fell short of my hopes- I would like to have sold more copies of the Jack Chick homage minicomic that I did in collaboration with Chad Essley. Unfortunately I ran out of … Continue reading The Stumptown That Wasn’t

The Stumptown That Was

It’s not Stumptown till I file my report. This year I decided not to bring my trusty Palm Pilot and instead left it to others to record the event in photos; the official pool of snaps can be found on the Stumptown home page. David Chelsea is listening to: “Swing Guitar Masterpieces” by Oscar Aleman

Stumptown Preview #3: The Chick Tract

It will be a busy Stumptown for me this year. I will be on two panels (one a perspective drawing demo, the other about the relaunch of Dark Horse Presents) and I’ll be selling books and decorated envelopes at my table the rest of the time. This year, in addition to my new Watson-Guptill book … Continue reading Stumptown Preview #3: The Chick Tract

Letters To David

I’ve been doing a lot of posts lately about envelopes I’ve sent to friends over the years, and I thought it also might be fun to show some that I’ve received. All of these examples are from the 20th Century- I’m still in touch with all of these people, but the Internet Age has put … Continue reading Letters To David

Letters To Amy, Part Two

Here are more decorated envelopes sent to my friend Amy Schoppert over the years. In addition to the usual raunchy nudes and portraits of movie stars (Buster Keaton) and friends (manic East Village poet Matthew Courtney) this batch includes some pieces that push the envelope of what can be sent through the mail, like the … Continue reading Letters To Amy, Part Two

Letters To Amy

I’m one step closer to that comprehensive collection of decorated envelopes I have been vaguely planning- the other day my friend Amy Schoppert dropped by from Tacoma with a paper sack full of envelopes she saved from the years we sent each other snail letters (Amy is Amy Schoppert now; when I went to school … Continue reading Letters To Amy

Pushing The Envelope: Letters From The Basement

When the temperature hits the 90s in Portland the most comfortable spot in my house is the basement. Last week was a scorcher, so I decided that  the moment had come for a major cleanup and reorganization down cellar. This involved sweeping away years of cobwebs, throwing away burned-out fireplace grates and towel racks ripped … Continue reading Pushing The Envelope: Letters From The Basement