Stumptown 2010

The Stumptown Comics Fest is something of a yearly ritual for me, a chance to meet the reading public and reconnect with out-of-town friends I otherwise never see (Maryland cartoonist Carla Speed McNeil immediately noticed that I was walking without a cane; I had forgotten that last year I was still getting over a broken … Continue reading Stumptown 2010

Stumptown Preview

l will once more be appearing this coming weekend at Portland’s annual Stumptown Comics Fest. My new book, Extreme Perspective!, won’t be published until next year, but I’ll be showing preview pages from it, selling old books, taking snapshots with my Palm Pilot and bringing something new- reproductions of hand-drawn envelopes from the series Letters … Continue reading Stumptown Preview

Pushing The Envelope: Letters To Geoff

I haven’t sent anyone a letter in ages, but back in the pre-digital day l used to send and receive mail all the time. My friend Geoff Seaman is moving, and in an effort to lighten his footprint he just gave me a sack of correspondence I sent him during the years we lived in … Continue reading Pushing The Envelope: Letters To Geoff