Palming It

Stipple illustration with my faithful Palm Zire 71
An illustration from my faithful Palm Zire 71

I just uploaded eight of my Palm Pilot comics to my page at Comics Lifestyle. This is a series of little autobiographical and dream strips I drew between 2004 and 2006 using the Notepad application on a Palm Zire 71. I still have the device, and in fact I am scribbling this paragraph on it in the Memo Pad application, but eventually I quit drawing the strips because the software’s limitations were wearing on me- the 1×3 window limits the number of frames to no more than three. and  the combination of the application’s low resolution with the device’s clumsy stylus makes it difficult to get either fine detail or legible lettering.

What the software is best at is stipple, and I did do some decent drawings in it given the limitations. John Weeks was displaying the strips on his site for a while, and a techie friend managed to get them to display on his cell phone, and told me they looked really good there, making me feel very 21st Century. Still, I have never really warmed up to drawing using a computer or any electronic device.

The bulk of my artwork is created on paper using fossil technology like ink and brushes- which I then scan into Photoshop and beam worldwide.

Work In Progress: Piece Of Cake

Our friends Elizabeth and Potato had their wedding at our house earlier this month.  They are both radio DJ’s  who host a show Monday nights on KPSU called Attack of The Killer Eggplant. As we were cleaning up after the wedding I noticed some white painted wooden discs sitting  in the trash- these had been supports for the various layers of the wedding cake. They are meant to be thrown away, but it occurred to me they might be excellent panels to paint on, so I rescued a few.  Here is the first one I’ve been working on, a fisheye view of the Ira Keller Fountain covering half the visual field, a flat equivalent to the spherical paintings I’ve been doing on bowling balls and world globes:

Perspective Drawing of Ira Keller Fountain
Perspective Drawing of Ira Keller Fountain
Back of Cake Plate
Back of Cake Plate

Logrolling In Our Time

The writer Bart King was nice enough to include a link to me on his site, so I naturally recommend his many fine books, including the most recent, The Pocket Guide To Mischief.

Those of you planning to welcome Trick-or-Treaters should check out Bart’s appearance on the local morning show AM Northwest. His suggestions can make the whole experience so much more evil. Click on the picture labeled “Halloween Pranks.”