24 Hour Comic: Winston Is Good!

I drew my 21st 24 Hour Comic alone in my studio on this past 24 Hour Comics Day, Saturday and Sunday, October 3-4, beginning at 8 am and ending up exactly 24 hours later. The comic was drawn as a fundraiser for various Democratic political campaigns, including Biden for President, Amy McGrath for Senate, and the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee. Sponsors pledged a given amount for each page I completed.
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Just a heads-up that I’ve posted an Adobe After Effects video promoting my webcomic ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?- which ran from 2015 to 2017, and is still viewable on Patreon (and which is soon to become my next book from Dark Horse)- on YouTube and Patreon. The video takes the form of credits sequences for imaginary Reality TV shows such as KIBBLE KITCHEN and CLOSET CLEANSE, which appear as part of the story. I’ll be posting digital art created for the video in the coming weeks.

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Here is another in my irregular series of posts about stories in my new 24 hour comic collection SLEEPLESS from Dark Horse. This story is ID, and it is about a woman who has her identity stolen by a mysterious tormentor. Featuring an all-animal cast, until I changed my mind halfway through and made them all humans. Based partly on a story I was illustrating that week for the New York Times, with elements drawn from the Rock Hudson movie SECONDS, this is one of the few comics stories I’ve drawn, 24 Hour or not, which manages to generate genuine suspense. Possibly this is because I had no idea until an hour or two before I finished how it would end.

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Wednesday Heads-up: SNOW ANGEL and Modern Love Podcast


It’s Wednesday, when new comics go on sale at all comic shops across America, and today is the first day that you can buy the newly published collection SNOW ANGEL from Dark Horse. This book includes the original 24-page Snow Angel story from Dark Horse Presents, the eight-page Halloween story that appeared in DHP last October, and five more stories that have not appeared in print before, as well as an introduction by my daughter Rebecca, the original inspiration for Snow Angel!

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SNOW ANGEL in April!


I just got a copy of my newest book, the SNOW ANGEL collection from Dark Horse, in the mail. You will have to take my word for it, but it looks beautiful– kudos to editor Philip Simon, designer Ethan Kimberling and all the Dark Horse team on a superb production job! The book itself will be hitting bookstores on April 27, but it can be preordered here:

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It’s Starting To Get Real


I just got a preview copy of SLEEPLESS, my second 24 Hour Comics collection from Dark Horse, in the mail yesterday. The book itself drops on April 5th, 2016 (not, as I previously reported, in February). It includes six stories:

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The American Bystander #1
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I’ve Got Mine


An advance copy of my latest book arrived from my publisher last week. EVERYBODY GETS IT WRONG! (AND OTHER STORIES): DAVID CHELSEA’S 24 HOUR COMICS VOLUME 1  collects my first six (of fifteen so far) 24 hour comics between hard covers. The book will not be in stores until June 5th, but you COULD beat the rush and pre-order it from Amazon today.

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The Fingertips of Duncan Dorfman
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Everybody Gets It Wrong! And Other Stories: David Chelsea’s 24-hour Comics Volume 1 HC

Published by: Dark Horse

Written By: David Chelsea

Art By: David Chelsea

Cover By: David Chelsea

152 pages, black and white, $14.99, in stores on June 5.


The plans for this one have been in the works for some months, but seeing it up on Amazon and elsewhere makes it seem real: EVERYBODY GETS IT WRONG! AND OTHER STORIES, the new collection of my 24 Hour Comics from Dark Horse, is coming out this June. Here’s copy from the website:

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Family Britain, 1951-1957
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Coming in April: SNOW ANGEL

SNOW ANGEL is finally getting her own book! This sort-of-superhero story began as a black and white 24 Hour Comic, was then reworked in full color for the anthology SNOW STORIES , and when that book was cancelled eventually appeared in three parts in Dark Horse’s flagship anthology DARK HORSE PRESENTS. Now, SNOW ANGEL will appear in a 32-page comic going on sale April 3rd. Many thanks to my editors Mike Richardson and Philip Simon, and everyone at Dark Horse!

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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
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