Letters To Amy, Part Two

Here are more decorated envelopes sent to my friend Amy Schoppert over the years. In addition to the usual raunchy nudes and portraits of movie stars (Buster Keaton) and friends (manic East Village poet Matthew Courtney) this batch includes some pieces that push the envelope of what can be sent through the mail, like the round envelope up top and another on sandpaper (I remember it wasn’t easy to get the stamp to stick to that one).
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Letters To Amy

I’m one step closer to that comprehensive collection of decorated envelopes I have been vaguely planning- the other day my friend Amy Schoppert dropped by from Tacoma with a paper sack full of envelopes she saved from the years we sent each other snail letters (Amy is Amy Schoppert now; when I went to school with her she was Amy King, but for most of the years we corresponded she was Amy Lear. It’s complicated.). I’m in the process of scanning them all, but here are a few favorites.
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Pushing The Envelope: Letters From The Basement

When the temperature hits the 90s in Portland the most comfortable spot in my house is the basement. Last week was a scorcher, so I decided that  the moment had come for a major cleanup and reorganization down cellar. This involved sweeping away years of cobwebs, throwing away burned-out fireplace grates and towel racks ripped out during bathroom renovation, and finally unpacking the last boxes remaining from when Eve and I moved here in 1995. Inside one of them was a handful of old letters with decorated envelopes I sent to Eve over the years, which I’m adding to the batch my friend Geoff Seaman gave me after he moved last year. The top envelope is a portrait of the lovely Eve done before we were married; the four faces on the long narrow one belong to the vocal group The Bobs. I’ve also included a couple of envelopes sent to my grandmother, which my mother recently found in a box in dead storage.
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Stumptown Preview

Me at Stumptown Comics Fest 2006, photo by Joshin Yamada
Me at Stumptown Comics Fest 2006, photo by Joshin Yamada

l will once more be appearing this coming weekend at Portland’s annual Stumptown Comics Fest. My new book, Extreme Perspective!, won’t be published until next year, but I’ll be showing preview pages from it, selling old books, taking snapshots with my Palm Pilot and bringing something new- reproductions of hand-drawn envelopes from the series Letters To Geoff (minus their original addresses and stamps), which you can mail to your friends!
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Pushing The Envelope Further: I’ve Got More Mail

A while back I posted images of some decorated envelopes that my old penpal Geoff found during his recent move. Since then Geoff has turned up a further batch, and I have added some of the better ones to the album ”Letters To Geoff” at Comics Lifestyle.
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Pushing The Envelope: Letters To Geoff

I haven’t sent anyone a letter in ages, but back in the pre-digital day l used to send and receive mail all the time. My friend Geoff Seaman is moving, and in an effort to lighten his footprint he just gave me a sack of correspondence I sent him during the years we lived in different cities, from the mid-70’s to the mid-90’s. I’m far too self-conscious to reread any of the old letters, but I am pleased by some of the decorated envelopes, and I’ve posted an album of them here.
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