My Favorite Bit From JESUSLAND


My dear friend Mary Robinette Kowal, the Hugo Award-winning author of a popular series of fantasy novels set in the era of Jane Austen (the titles so far have been GLAMOUR IN GLASS, SHADES OF MILK AND HONEY, and WITHOUT A SUMMER), is playing host to me on her blog this week. Mary has a regular feature she calls MY FAVORITE BIT, which she describes as follows:


A short (400 to 1,000 word) essay on your favorite bit of your new work. This can be a scene, a sentence, a character, or a bit of world-building. It can even be a piece of research that never made it on the page. The key is that it’s something that you love LOVE sooooo much. This is your chance to be enthusiastic and geek out over that favorite thing you wrote but don’t expect anyone else to notice.

David Chelsea is reading:
Disguised as Clark Kent: Jews, Comics, and the Creation of the Superhero
by Danny Fingeroth

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The plans for this one have been in the works for some months, but seeing it up on Amazon and elsewhere makes it seem real: EVERYBODY GETS IT WRONG! AND OTHER STORIES, the new collection of my 24 Hour Comics from Dark Horse, is coming out this June. Here’s copy from the website:

David Chelsea is reading:
Family Britain, 1951-1957
by David Kynaston

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