David Chelsea Draws The Writers of Willamette Week


I recently posted about the first illustrations I had done for Willamette Week since 1978, a pair of caricatures of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. I’ve just gotten another, bigger assignment from Willamette Week art director Julie Showers, doing illustrated portraits of their staff writers, which will run with their bylines in the paper. Here’s what one looks like on the Willamette Week website:

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Bernie V. Hillary In Willamette Week


Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton caricatures in this week’s issue of Willamette Week- my first work for the paper since 1978! Thanks to WW Art Director Julie Showers for bringing me back.

Here’s the article, in which local candidates are asked which of the two they support.

David Chelsea Is Listening To: Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania
by Erik Larson