Modern Love Illustration: “The Plain, Unmarked Box Arrived”


My most recent illustration for the Modern Love Podcast appeared yesterday. From the website:

“Looking to revitalize your marriage? Try buying a $400 sex chair. It could work wonders — or it could be co-opted as a cool new toy by your 7-year-old son. On this week’s Modern Love podcast, Kristen Bell reads “The Plain, Unmarked Box Arrived,” an essay about one couple’s ambitious attempt to escape the doldrums of parenthood.

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Here is another in my irregular series of posts about stories in my 24 hour comic collection SLEEPLESS, published this spring by Dark Horse. I drew “Now Open The Box”, my tenth 24 Hour Comic, at the Cosmic Monkey Drawpocalypse event on April 5-6 2008. I loosely based it on that week’s Modern Love column, which I was then illustrating for the Style Section of the New York Times. That piece, by Lori Jakiela, was about a couple who buy a sex chair online, but find themselves too embarrassed to test it out after their seven year old son appropriates it as a battleground for his plastic army men.

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