Dead Astronaut Drops!


The other day, this announcement turned up on my Facebook wall:

“i have taken it upon myself to release the album Matthew has been dwelling on for the past 3 years

in a long-drawn-out debate regarding how and when to release it, time escaped us, and the initial pride of his (and his mates’) hard work swiftly dissipated into a query of whether or not this album continued to represent him. i will admit that his voice, his guitar skills, and even his writing style have evolved immensely since this recording – but i think it’s still something the world deserves to hear

you’re my favourite artist. don’t kill me”

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Here’s my favorite illustration job so far this year, the cover for Montreal singer-songwriter Matthew Azrieli’s EP Chloe. Matthew originally wanted to title it Condoms And Razorblades, after one of the songs, but wiser heads prevailed, and he decided to rename it in honor of his girlfriend Chloe Edelman (for a while Matthew was soliciting title suggestions; mine were Watch The Special Features, Show Me My Reminders, and Naked Ninja Pie Fight).

Matthew Azrieli
Matthew Azrieli

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