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Fom the Dark Horse Blog:

Continuing a week of announcements regarding the future of Dark Horse’s flagship title, we are proud to announce that Dark Horse Presents #1 will be available digitally on June 15 at!

Subsequent issues will be available digitally approximately one month after release in comic shops, for $3.99 an issue.

This inaugural issue contains all-new stories from Paul Chadwick’s Concrete, Carla Speed McNeil’s Finder, and Michael T. Gilbert’s Mr. Monster, as well as new material from Richard Corben, Howard Chaykin, and David Chelsea.

“Dark Horse Presents launched our company twenty-five years ago,” said president and publisher Mike Richardson. “As we move into the digital age, it only seems fitting that DHP have a prominent place in this new frontier. We are excited to share these stories with a whole new kind of comics fan, in a totally new format.”
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The Critics Rave!

I had a fine time last Wednesday at Things From Another World signing copies of the first issue of the new Dark Horse Presents and answering questions with publishers Mike Richardson and Randy Stradley and fellow artists Paul Gulacy and Michael T. Gilbert. This story from should give an idea.

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“Full Moon” by Andrew Chaikin

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The Stumptown That Was

It’s not Stumptown till I file my report. This year I decided not to bring my trusty Palm Pilot and instead left it to others to record the event in photos; the official pool of snaps can be found on the Stumptown home page.

My Table (overhead view)
My Table (overhead view)

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“Swing Guitar Masterpieces”
by Oscar Aleman

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Dark Horse Presents Launch Party

Cover of Dark Horse Presents by Paul Chadwick
Cover of Dark Horse Presents by Paul Chadwick

Attention Portland and Vicinity Residents! Here’s an announcement on the relaunch of the comics anthology Dark Horse Presents (the one with my story Snow Angel):

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Snow Angel Finds A Home

Snow Angel, the story I originally drew for the cancelled anthology Snow Stories, now has a new home at Dark Horse Presents. The first issue of the new print incarnation of Dark Horse’s flagship anthology is due to appear in March. Read all about it in this interview with publisher Mike Richardson, which includes a sample page from Snow Angel along with work by Paul Chadwick, Michael Gilbert and Robert Love.
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