David Finally Makes It Into The American Bystander!


I had a very odd experience on Facebook a few months ago. I noticed an item posted by my friend Howard Cruse, about a new humor magazine called The American Bystander, which was mounting a crowdsource campaign to get into print. What struck me as odd was that I had been peripherally involved with a magazine by the very same name launched by National Lampoon editor Brian McConnachie in 1982 that never made it past prototype.

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Perspective Police!: Wagon Wheels

For this latest installment of Perspective Police, I have selected a 1982 piece from the National Lampoon by an illustrator named David Celsi, who had a busy but not very visible career in the 70s and 80s before dropping entirely out of sight, then reemerging in the 90s as an autobiographical cartoonist under the name David Chelsea.

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