Coming In June: Perspective In Action!


Just a reminder to all you loyal readers that my latest instructional book from Watson-Guptill, PERSPECTIVE IN ACTION, is being published this coming June 20th (coincidentally, my wife Eve’s birthday).

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First Thursday on Patreon: Fan Art Vs. Looping Gifs



I made something of a format shift on my Patreon page a while back, without actually announcing it- when I began serializing my webcomic ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?, I switched from posting new comics in a big eight-page pile on the first Thursday of the month to posting two pages every week. All well and good, but that left me without anything particular to post for First Thursday. This month, I am experimenting with two ideas to fill the gap- looping gifs and fan art.

Blog Post about my Patreon page

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The Boundaries of Desire: A Century of Good Sex, Bad Laws, and Changing Identities
by Eric Berkowitz

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Immersive Panorama: The Comics Convention.


There’s been a bit of a change of plan- or more like a total collapse of plan- since the last time I posted about this project, three paintings in spherical perspective on bowling balls created to be auctioned online by Space Object Gallery. Their curator, Mary Wright, died last weekend. My condolences go out to her family and friends (I myself never met Mary- we corresponded entirely by e-mail).

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Swindled: The Dark History of Food Fraud, from Poisoned Candy to Counterfeit Coffee
by Bee Wilson

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Watch This Space

Comics Convention
Comics Convention
Life Drawing
Life Drawing
Video Store
Video Store

Three bowling balls to be auctioned at Space Object in early May. Details forthcoming.

Video by Milan Erceg
GIF conversions by Jacob Mercy

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American Mirror: The Life and Art of Norman Rockwell
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Work in Progress: Bowling Balls

Me holding a bowling ball at Wizard World Con in January
Me holding a bowling ball at Wizard World Con in January

Animated gif created in The CircleCam.


As I said in my last blog post, I will be appearing at the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle at the end of March selling copies of all of my books, drawing sketches, doing on-the-spot perspective critiques, and all the other stuff I do at cons. I will also be bringing along the project that has been preoccupying me for most of the year: a series of three spherical cartoon paintings on bowling balls which nicely combine two of my main interests, comics and unusual forms of perspective.

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The Pope and Mussolini: The Secret History of Pius XI and the Rise of Fascism in Europe
by David I. Kertzer

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Icosahedral Perspective: Anny’s House

Here is an example of the kind of 360º perspective I was doing just before I began drawing and painting on spheres. This drawing of my sister Anny’s living room is from 1994.

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Horseshoe Crabs and Velvet Worms: The Story of the Animals and Plants That Time Has Left Behind
by Richard Fortey

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Re-up: Rebecca’s Room

Rebecca's Room on a globe
Rebecca's Room on a globe

I am rerunning a blog post about one of my spherical paintings from 2009, because it is in the show WELCOME TO MY WORLD, opening this Friday at 23 Sandy Gallery here in Portland:

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And So It Goes: Kurt Vonnegut: A Life
by Charles J. Shields

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Welcome To My World

I am in a show opening this Friday at Portland’s 23 Sandy Gallery, WELCOME TO MY WORLD, along with other area artists Mary Bennett, Allison Bruns, Chandra Cerrito, Susan Collard, Anna & Leo Daedalus with Samuel Miller, Kerry Davis, Tamara English, Adrianne Feldstein & Sonja Sujo, Heidi Kirkpatrick, Laura LeHew, David Meeker, Bonnie Meltzer, Cynthia Nawalinski, Jim Neidhardt, Jane Schiffhauer, Joanna Thomas, Robert Tomlinson and Renee Zangara. I quote from the catalogue on the gallery website:

“A stellar list of area artists were invited to consider a similar, unusual, three-dimensional object as canvas—a vintage world globe. This invitational exhibition was conceived and co-curated by new-to-Portland artist, Robert Tomlinson and is co-curated and hosted by 23 Sandy Gallery. The artists were asked to transform, build, infuse, reduce or reinvent the globe using the expressive power of cartography, exploring the form of the globe to create a compelling new work of art.”

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Unfamiliar Fishes
by Sarah Vowell

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Spherical Perspective: Skidmore Fountain

Here’s a piece from Think Ink, the group show opening tonight at Steele Gallery in Seattle. This image of Portland’s Skidmore Fountain is the first spherical painting where I worked from photo reference. In the pre-digital era (1999) this meant standing at one spot and taking pictures in all directions, having the resultant roll of film developed, and then spreading the prints on the floor and linking them up in various ways to map out the 360° image.

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Nemesis by Philip Roth

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Escher: the Bowling Ball

Escher's House Of Stairs
Escher's House Of Stairs

There are a few images seen early in life that I can call formative; an early Crumb panel glimpsed in an issue of Newsweek, a dark painting of a brutish bartender answering an old-fashioned wall telephone, framed and mounted for unknown reasons on my grandmother’s kitchen wall, which frightened me for years until I examined it closely and found it to be a cartoon by Jack Davis- and a drawing in dizzying curvilinear perspective of a group of bizarre buglike creatures climbing up and down unsupported staircases and curling themselves into wheels to roll down long corridors, which I saw in some Time/Life science book when I was about ten years old. It was only years later that I learned the name of the artist, M.C. Escher, when I saw the drawing again in a collection of his work. I made many attempts to draw pictures in the style of that image, but I could never manage to get the perspective right. Continue reading Escher: the Bowling Ball