Spherical Perspective: Skidmore Fountain

Here’s a piece from Think Ink, the group show opening tonight at Steele Gallery in Seattle. This image of Portland’s Skidmore Fountain is the first spherical painting where I worked from photo reference. In the pre-digital era (1999) this meant standing at one spot and taking pictures in all directions, having the resultant roll of film developed, and then spreading the prints on the floor and linking them up in various ways to map out the 360° image.

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Nemesis by Philip Roth

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David Chelsea Thinks Ink And Talks Perspective

Attention Seattle! I’ll be taking my act to your fair city this coming Friday, giving a talk at Gage Academy on my favorite topic, perspective (and selling copies of my new book Extreme Perspective! as well as its predecessor, Perspective!) as well as attending the opening of a group show at the Steele Gallery. I quote from the Gage press release:

David Chelsea is reading:
The Pinball Effect
by James Burke

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