End Strips: The Clerihews


This week I posted my 70th End Strip on Patreon. End Strips are short comics drawn in a vertical format on random strips of paper, usually ones trimmed from larger sheets by my daughter Rebecca for some school project or another. These have tended to fall into a few main groups: drawings of celebrities from my various clippings folders, short strips featuring my characters Sandy & Mandy, drawings of Facebook friends who share the same first name, rhyming song lyrics that happen to have an anapest meter, and clerihews- short comic poems about famous people with my caricature illustrations.

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On Patreon: ARE YOU BEING WATCHED? Returns To The Nest


This week on my Patreon page: after a sixteen-page SNOW ANGEL break, we return to my serialized webcomic ARE YOU BEING WATCHED? with two new pages. To recap, Mugg has sold his soul to the devil in order to get on Reality TV to impress Mandy, the girl of his dreams. In the latest episode, Mugg and Mandy become a newlywed couple hunting houses on the program Nest Quest, hosted by Licensed Real Estate Agent Elsie Dervish.

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SANDY & MANDY in Dark Horse Presents #16!


Today, Wednesday November 18th, 2015, is the day you can finally march into your friendly comics dealer’s shop, and buy a copy of Dark Horse Presents #l6. This issue of the award-winning comics anthology has a double cover by Brendan McCarthy and Mike Mignola, and features new chapters of Carla Speed McNeil’s Finder, Alex de Campi and Jerry Ordway’s Semiautomagic, and Shawn Aldridge and Julius Gopez’s Last Act! Most importantly for Chelsea fans, it contains the first installment of my three-part story, SANDY & MANDY!

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Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink
by Elvis Costello

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It’s Wednesday- One Week To Sandy & Mandy!


Wednesday, November 18th, 2015, one week from today, is the publication day for Dark Horse Presents #16. The latest issue of this Eisner, Harvey, and Stumptown award winning anthology features a Brendan McCarthy cover which FLIPS OVER to reveal a Mike Mignola Hellboy cover and a special eight-page Hellboy story!

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Never Goodnight
by Coco Moodysson

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