David Chelsea has written and illustrated several books, including David Chelsea in Love, Perspective!, Twenty-Four Times Two and Welcome to the Zone.

Everybody Gets It Wrong! and Other Stories: David Chelsea's 24-Hour Comics vol. 1

Dark Horse, 2013
152 pages, 8.9" x 6.1"

"Writer/artist David Chelsea's first six 24-Hour Comics are collected into one volume! Following rules devised by comics legend Scott McCloud, the acclaimed graphic novelist and commercial artist has created six inspired improvisations-each drawn in a single day! This hardcover collection is filled with experimentation, witty pun play, and hilarious literary allusions!"

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Extreme Perspective! For Artists

Extreme Perspective! For Artists

In this sequel to the classic bestseller Perspective! For the Comic Book Artist, David Chelsea takes perspective to a whole other level—by exploring the most dramatic viewpoints employed by today's artists. Many of these techniques have been carefully guarded secrets for centuries. But David, and his hollow-headed friend, Mugg, make them accessible to a new generation of artists, cartoonists, illustrators, and animators. In Extreme Perspective! For Artists, you'll learn how to

  • Render complicated multi-sided objects in perfect perspective
  • Create accurate shadows and reflections from your own imagination
  • Master the most difficult kinds of curvilinear perspective systems
  • Draw eye-popping images in fisheye perspective
  • Use your computer to create elaborate scenes quicker and more easily

Also included is a comprehensive library of perspective grids on DVD, suitable for printing or using with Photoshop and other applications.

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Perspective! for Comic Book Artists

Published by Watson-Guptill, 1997
176 pages, 9.8" x 7"

Acclaimed artist and autobiographical cartoonist David Chelsea and his hollow-headed pupil Mug together explore the many aspects of perspective, the art of rendering the visual effect of distance on objects. In an entertaining, step-by-step comic strip format, David and Mug demonstrate basic concepts of perspective by constructing vivid, spectacular landscapes and architectural interiors. Though designed with the beginning artist is mind, Perspective! for Comic Book Artists will also be useful to working professionals looking to brush up on their skills.

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David Chelsea in Love

Published by Eclipse, 1993
Reprinted by Reed Graphica, 2003

David Chelsea in Love is the hilariously true story of cartoonist and illustrator David Chelsea's improbable love affair with Minnie, a would-be actress, in 1980s New York. Based in New York City, David meets Minnie on one of his frequent bus trips back (hey, the bus is cheap) to his hometown of Portland, Oregon to spawn. You see, David can't get laid in New York. The only women he meets in New York are art directors-and they know exactly how much an illustrator is paid. But Minnie's not easy. In fact she's profoundly and comically difficult. She's tall, gawky, absurdly neurotic and saddled with an abusive boyfriend. None of this matters to David who believes-against all reason-that Minnie is the only girl for him. This is the true story of their cross-country "courtship," as well as the story of their idiosyncratic cast of friends and relatives. David Chelsea In Love is a strange and very funny look at the lives of the young, the talented, and the semi-talented in New York City's East Village.

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Twenty-Four Times Two

Published by Top Shelf, 2008
48-Page Comic Book, 5" x 7 1/2"

The author of David Chelsea In Love and Perspective! picks up Scott McCloud's ball and runs with it in these two 24-Hour Comics stories (out of a flabbergasting eight he's produced over the past few years). In Everybody Gets It Wrong David makes the argument that all autobiographical comics produced so far, definitely including his own, falsify experience because they show the author as one of the characters rather than telling the story as seen from his own eyes. Putting theory into practice, David illustrates a number of dreams from his diary while strictly keeping to the dreamer's point of view. Sleepless takes this method further, telling a richly stippled story of lava lamps, time travel, and a mysterious lady cartoonist in blue velvet, all seen through the eyes of a lead character who is never shown.

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Welcome to the Zone

Published by Kitchen Sink, 1995
Out of print but available on Amazon and Ebay.

Bohemian squalor and surreal dark humor combine as the creator of David Chelsea in Love takes you into the lower depth's of Manhattan's most macabre imaginary neighborhood. Welcome to the Zone recounts a day in the life of a mostly mutant cast of ambitious folksingers, scheming developers, flaky performance artists and man eating homeless illegal aliens from the planet Gargon. A complex story of intrigue, passion, ritual murder and sweaty robot sex culminates in a riot at a benefit concert on the hottest night of the year.

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