In addition to the graphic novels listed in the book section, David has drawn comics for The Portland Monthly, Bear Deluxe Magazine, Chicago Tribune, New York Press and many other publications, and has contributed to numerous anthologies including the recently published Typhon and the forthcoming Snow Stories.

David has completed ten 24-hour comics stories to date, a world's record until someone tells him different.


An irregularly appearing new comic strip. Our Guarantee: Everything Rhymes!

01: The Apple Festival
02: The Superhero Comic
03: The Mashup
04: The Autobio Comic
05: The Christmas Story

Snow Angel (one shot)

Dark Horse, 2013
32 pages

"David Chelsea creates a superhero like no other: an ordinary little girl who becomes a crime-fighting cherub whenever she makes an angel in the snow! Snow Angel faces jaywalkers, bicycle thieves, menacing dogs, and other dangers! This special, all-ages one-shot also includes "The Kids' Movie" - an all-new, four-page masterpiece!"

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Now Open the Box

A 24-Hour Comic, 2008.

"Now Open The Box was my tenth 24 Hour Comic, at the Cosmic Monkey Drawpocalypse event on April 5-6 2008. I loosely based it on that week's Modern Love column, which l illustrate for the Style Section of the New York Times. That piece, by Lori Jakiela, was about a couple who buy a sex chair online but find themselves too embarrassed to test it out after their seven year old son appropriates it as a battleground for his plastic army men. That's fine for a family newspaper, but l figure such coyness would never be tolerated in comics, so my couple definitely get the chair. l drew this on isometric graph paper, which gives the panels a look like old-school video games or architectural drawings. The view approximates that of a spectator in a high balcony watching a stage production through opera glasses." More

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