I’m not going to San Diego

The San Diego Comics Convention being held this weekend, that is. l have nothing against that gathering of the clan, but this year I am very busy working to get my new perspective book in on deadline and I have no new product to promote, so I’m staying home. In lieu of a report, here is an album of stereo photographs I took at San Diego sometime in the 90’s.

Among the notables are Scott (Understanding Comics) McCloud with wife Ivy Ratafia, and Nina Paley, then the author of the self-syndicated strip Nina’s Adventures, now even more famous for her animated feature Sita Sings The Blues.

l took the pictures with a 1950s’-era Kodak Stereo. They can be viewed either with special lenses or by diverging your eyes  (not easy to do). I have also created red/blue anaglyph versions in Photoshop, which can be viewed with the little cardboard glasses that come with 3-D comics.