Cartoonists On Radio 5

I’ll be dropping by Matt Clark’s show The Monday Sampler on KBOO-FM this Monday, March 7th between 3 and 4pm PST to discuss my new book Extreme Perspective! For Artists: Learn the Secrets of Curvilinear, Cylindrical, Fisheye, Isometric, and Other Amazing Systems that Will Make Your Drawings Pop Off the Page, and also to spin some records from my collection. I’ll be featuring postwar jazz vocal groups of the LP era (roughly 1950-1985) and the selections will likely include but possibly not be confined to such groups as The Metronomes, The Invitations, Lambert Hendricks and Bavan and The Suntones, many on the original vinyl.

Because of awkwardness over online music licensing, the program will most likely not be archived; Portland listeners can tune in on 90.7 FM, and the rest of you can listen online at the KBOO website.

The Monday Sampler

Monday March 7th 2-4 PM Pacific Standard Time

KBOO 90.7 FM, Portland, OR