The Stumptown That Wasn’t

The Rarest Item At Stumptown
The Rarest Item At Stumptown

As reported in my last post, I had a pretty good time at Stumptown this year. There is only one way the event fell short of my hopes- I would like to have sold more copies of the Jack Chick homage minicomic that I did in collaboration with Chad Essley. Unfortunately I ran out of matte black ink in my printer while I was running off copies, and because my printer takes an esoteric brand of ink that is only available online, I was unable to get a replacement cartridge in time to print more before the event (and having the printing done at Formerly Kinko’s would cost nearly $8 a piece). The four copies I did manage to run off in time were snapped up almost immediately by a nice lady from the Multnomah County Library’s zine program, and that was that.

David Chelsea prints with:
an HP Photosmart Pro B8850
Inkjet Photo Printer

David’s printer takes an:
HP 38 Matte Black Pigment Ink Cartridge.

That’s not how it was supposed to go down.

Let’s rewind and do it over. You be you and I’ll be me.

You’re in a vast, windowless room at the Oregon Convention Center. It’s the last few minutes of the last day of the Stumptown Comics Festival. You’ve been buying comics all day and you only have five dollars left. You stop by a table you haven’t visited before. The artist behind the table looks vaguely familiar- a handsome devil in a tie and vest. You remember he’s one of those guys who draws comics about himself. Oh yeah- David Chelsea!

Chelsea snaps your picture with his Palm Pilot (Note: I didn’t actually bring my Palm Pilot this year. Maybe I use my cell phone). You look over the merchandise- a few books you’ve already read, some sketches printed on envelopes- and then you notice something new, an eight and a half by eleven minicomic. The price is $4.95- exactly what you have in your pocket with a nickel left over. It has an unusual title- ANAPEST:THE MINICOMIC.

“Anapest? What does that mean?”

”It’s a type of poetic meter- two unstressed syllables followed by one stressed syllable, like in The Night Before Christmas and nearly every Dr. Seuss story. All the dialogue in this book is in anapest.”


You notice another name on the cover, one you don’t know- Chad Essley.

“Who’s Chad Essley?”

“He did the art for one of the stories. You don’t know him because mostly he does animation.”

You glance at the story on the inside cover. It looks familiar.

”Didn’t I read this story on your website?”

“Yes, but it looks better on paper, don’t you think?”

You turn to the first page of the second story and begin to read.

Just as you get to the bottom of the page Chelsea speaks.

“Are you going to buy that comic?”

Well, ARE you? If not, then you need read no further. If so, then read on.

You’re not at Stumptown any more- instead, you are back at your computer, or reading this on your iPhone or other handheld device. This whole selling things online thing is new to me, so I don’t have a button or link set up for immediate purchase. You will have to send me an e-mail.

Here is my e-mail address: davidchelsea(at)comcast(dot)net. Once you’ve contacted me we can arrange payment- maybe you’ll send me a check by snail mail, or maybe we can work something out with my wife’s Paypal account. Price is $4.95 for a paper comic and less- let’s say $1.95- if I send you digital files.

I look forward to doing business with you.

And if you’re in the Portland area tonight, don’t forget the Dark Horse Presents Launch Party!

Featuring special guest signings by

Mike Richardson

David Chelsea

Paul Gulacy

Michael T. Gilbert

and more!

When: Wednesday, April 20 7–10 p.m.

Where: Things From Another World—Hollywood

4133 NE Sandy Boulevard

Portland, OR


See you there!