The Critics Rave On!

More kind words for Snow Angel, my story in the first issue of the anthology Dark Horse Presents:

David Chelsea is reading:
Herbie Archives Volume 3
by Shane O’Shea

The book’s best installment is David Chelsea’s “Snow Angel,” an adorable watercolor story about a young girl who turns into a superpowered hero when she makes snow angels. Part Sam Kieth, part Charles Schulz.

-Oliver Sava, The Onion A.V. Club

I think my favorite piece in the book is “Snow Angel” by David Chelsea. It’s a charmingly innocent story about imagination, and his art — which reminds me of the styles of Renee French and Richard Corben — is unconventional but attractive.

-Don MacPherson, Eye On Comics

The volume finishes with this delightful story that starts with kids having fun
in the snow. The art is basic and colored very well. The turn of the plot occurs
as one kid somehow detects a bicycle being stolen and she flops on the ground to
make a snow angel. To our surprise an angel-like being rises into the air and
takes after the thief. Yes this is a new kind of super hero and frankly
something I think is unique. I hope to see more of this character as I enjoyed such
a change from the usual hero fare.

-David LeBlanc, My View

Snow Angel is totally out of place with all the action/adventure stories, but is charming nonetheless. Chelsea’s art style is simple and lacks backgrounds in almost all the panels, but is infected with joy and a child-like glee that you can’t help but smile a little at the series protagonist, Snow Angel, and her little missions of goodness and terror.

-Martin John, Geekyreviews

David Chelsea’s “Snow Angel” is probably the most memorable contribution; it’s a largely silent, brightly coloured piece about a girl who literally turns into a snow angel, and it hovers somewhere in a grey area between dreamily peaceful and gentle superhero pastiche.

-Paul O’Brien, House To Astonish

Y un escalón por debajo, el Snow Angel de David Chelsea con tonos autobiográficos que no prescinden de lo fantástico.

Sonaste Maneco, La Bitacora De Maneco

Snow Angel, de David Chelsea, parece tener los elementos suficientes como para convertirse en un comic atractivo para todas las edades. Lamentablemente ese es un mercado cada vez más reducido en el medio, pero creo que habrá que estar pendientes del desarrollo de la historia y de su creador.

-Alberto Calvo, Comic Verso

Snow Angel by David Chelsea: This closes out the book, and it’s a family-friendly story about a girl who can turn into a sort of superheroic angel when she makes a snow angel on the ground. Kind of a strange yet cute idea. It also stood out from the rest of the pack because it was told using very few words.

-Christopher Larochelle, It Came From The Bookshelf

Definitely the most original story in the book. It was very good, after reading it you want to know more about the lead character (which I consider a very good sign)

-malloc, iFanboy

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That’s enough for now. The second installment of Snow Angel will appear in Dark Horse Presents #2 in June.