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INX BATTLE LINES: THREE DECADES OF POLITICAL ILLUSTRATION, that is- and not just because I have ten pieces in it and 1/4 of the cover.

In over 275 explosive illustrations, INX Battle Lines etches a searing picture history of the last three decades. These are the very best drawings from the files of the INX Group –– images that have been syndicated to journals of opinion in the U.S. and abroad since 1980.

The book contains brilliant black & white and color illustrations by Jean-François Allaux, Michelle Barnes, Melinda Beck, Paulette Bogan, Steve Brodner, Yvonne Buchanan, Horacio Cardo, Giora Carmi, David Chelsea, Paul Corio, Scott Cunningham, Bob Dahm, Henrik Drescher, Randall Enos, Vivienne Flesher, Bob Gale, Felipe Galindo, Glenn Head, David Gothard, Tom Hachtman, Rupert Howard, Jordin Isip, Ryan Inzana, Frances Jetter, Randy Jones, Susann Ferris Jones, Janusz Kapusta, Thomas Kerr, David Klein, Igor Kopelnitsky, Ira Korman, Martin Kozlowski, Peter Kuper, Liz Lomax, Matthew Martin, Mark Matcho, Robert Neubecker, Laird Ogden, Rick Reason, Bill Russell, Steven Salerno, Betsy Scheld, Sara Schwartz, Jill Karla Schwarz, David Shannon, Rob Shepperson, Brad Teare, Seth Tobocman, Peter Vey, Christophe Vorlet, Charles Waller, Ellen Weinstein, James Williamson, Glenn Wolff, and Robert Zimmerman.

Here are some samples scanned from my copy, which came in the mail today. First, this piece by David G. Klein:

Next, a fine Muammar Gaddafi by Martin Kozlowski:

Why a duck? Ask Peter Kuper:

This thoroughly creepy Frankenbush is by James Williamson:

And lastly, here’s one of mine, an early George W. Bush done in the wake of the 2000 Election:

Martin Kozlowski (Editor)
Paperback, 110 pages
Publisher: Now What Media (February 3, 2012)

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