Paper-Tiger Takes Notice

Nice review of Anapest: The Minicomic on UK cartoonist Sean Tiger’s Paper-Tiger Comix biog this week. This all-rhyming 12 pager combines three of my online Anapest strips with a longer story, “Chastity Blasé”, written by me and illustrated by Chad Essley.

David Chelsea is reading:
Is That All There Is?
by Joost Swarte

This little booklet may be the scarcest Chelsea comic of all- I ran out of printer ink after running off just four copies before Stumptown last year and have run off only a couple of review copies since, so circulation remains in the single digits. I promise to have plenty on hand at this coming Stumptown in April, and anyone within reach of this blog is welcome to request a copy by sending me an e-mail through the site (not the most streamlined method, I know; I’m still getting used to online commerce).

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