RIP, Ed Koch

Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, who died this week, appeared frequently in The New York Observer’s Eight Day Week column during the years I was illustrating it. After leaving office he wore many hats, including restaurant and movie critic; I suspect he’s giving the thumbs-up gesture in the above drawing in that capacity.

David Chelsea is listening to:
Switched on Bach
by Wendy Carlos

Another Koch gig: replacing Judge Wapner on The Peoples’ Court (both this and the previous drawing date from the pre-computer days when I faxed the art in, hence the scribbled notes to the editors visible at the side ):

Koch got along well with his Republican successor Rudy Giuliani, and even crossed party lines to endorse him twice. Here, the two mayors enjoy a friendly square dance. (BTW, I have a much larger trove of Giuliani drawings to show when HE kicks):

This drawing commemorates some event at The Strand Bookstore. Naturally, Koch reaches for a copy of his own book, Mayor: