SNOW ANGEL: The Latest Word


The other day I posted a selection of SNOW ANGEL reviews from when it was serialized in DARK HORSE PRESENTS. Now, the recent publication of the SNOW ANGEL 32-page comic book has attracted a host of new comment. Here is some of what the critics have to say:

David Chelsea is listening to:
Citizen Steely Dan: 1972-1980
by Steely Dan

David Chelsea has a wicked sense of humor and a wicked way of conveying it in his comics. The stuff here in this Dark Horse One-Shot, “David Chelsea’s Snow Angel,” is prime Chelsea, served to droll and surreal perfection. This is a guy who loves to draw comics and can whip up a snow angel as easily as he can William Henry Harrison.

-Henry Chamberlain, COMICS GRINDER

Definitely a must-read, especially if you’ll be reading alongside someone else. Again, the content and aesthetic are truly All Ages, and it’ll be fun to keep an eye out for all of the pop cultural references and in-jokes (not to mention a bizarre tangent about William Henry Harrison)! Young readers will empathize with the heroine; older readers will instill the story with metaphor and meaning. David Chelsea seems to desire both results. Whimsical comics like David Chelsea’s Snow Angel are a rarity on the stands today, and I can only hope that the teased second issue comes to fruition someday!

-Joey Braccino, TALKING COMICS!

David Chelsea knows the mind of a child well. I read this with my little one and she giggled at the shenanigans of Snow Angel. The crime is on a small scale and very age appropriate for children. She laughed even harder with The Kids Movie. There was never a dull moment. We were met page after page with bold colors and sharp lines. Chelsea’s style is perfect for this issue and is sure to be a favorite.

All in all, Snow Angel is a great comic. This issue is made to be read out loud. The little one and I both recommend it for families everywhere.


Although the art isn’t perfect in Snow Angel, the story itself is unique and playful, and the issue is a very easy, fun read that would be enjoyable to be adults and to children. If you have a young daughter, then definitely give Snow Angel to her to read (or read it along with her), as it’s sure to be inspiring, even if it does condone some defiance (which can be perceived as independence).

-Empress Eve, GEEKS OF DOOM

If you have young kids, get the book, they’ll probably really enjoy it, but if you don’t, steer clear. That’s really all I have to say about this one, because I spent half the issue trying to figure out what the hell I was reading.


But my favourite of the week? Snow Angel from David Chelsea, a very fine cartoonist with the most delicious style somewhere between Frank Quitely and Jill Thompson. And, for some reason, featuring Helena Bonham Carter and Peter Dinklage…

-Rich Johnston, BLEEDING COOL


Hands down, the funniest review has to be this lengthy pan from Chase Wassenar, aka MaristPlayBoy, at RED SHIRT CREW. It really deserves to be read in full, but warning- it contains major spoilers! The excerpt below should give an idea of the tone:

Snow Angel is not worth the $3.50 cover price. It is not worth a $0.50 cover price. If someone offered it to you in the street for free, I would have to stop and think for a moment whether “The Kids Movie” is worth a minute of your time, or recommend that you use the comic for kindling the next time you need a fire in your house. In short, it’s not recommended. I haven’t read any of David Chelsea’s other works (though Amazon tells me they might be worthwhile), but this is not worth your money.

I wonder what he REALLY thinks?

And now for something else SNOW ANGEL-related: some photos from last Thursday’s opening of my one-man show at Fotoeffect Gallery, which includes original art from SNOW ANGEL. Photos are by my friend Gena Renaud, who owns the Asian-inspired dessert caterer Yume Confections.

The first is a family shot with of me with Eve and Rebecca (Ben was off at a robotics competition in Spokane and couldn’t attend):