Stumptown 2013


So here’s what I did at last weekend’s Stumptown Comics Fest. I sold some comics:


David Chelsea is listening to:
Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation
by Steven Johnson

I bought some comics:


I did my Perspective Police! PowerPoint presentation:

Photo by graenigma
Photo by greyaenigma

I got thirsty and posed for pictures:

Photo by Ocean Yamaha
Photo by Ocean Yamaha

I drew this heavily stippled envelope during down time. I wonder who I’ll send it to?:


I spent a lot of time being interviewed by my filmmaker friend Milan Erceg, who is shooting a documentary about 24 Hour Comics. While Milan shot me, I took his picture with my Palm Pilot:


With all that activity, I didn’t have time to take as many photographs as in years past. Instead, I concentrated on getting as many shots as I could of a suddenly prevalent type, the Nerd Girl With Glasses (my wife tells me that Nerd Girls have been around for ages, but this is the year they seemed to reach critical mass at Stumptown):

Mayim Bialik should be collecting royalties
Mayim Bialik should be collecting royalties

Thanks to the staff and organizers. Thank also to my table-mates, Jacob Mercy and Pete Soloway of PIZZA GUN, for being such good company,  and especially for processing my credit card orders. My next convention appearance: Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago in August.