A Few More Funny Facebook Posts


Brits and Canadians make the best Presidents!:


David Chelsea is listening to:
Petra Goes to the Movies
by Petra Haden

Jews make the best Nazis!:


Remember the hypothetical Trillion Dollar Coin? Here was my proposed design:

I believe it is high time we honored an artist on one of our coins, and America’s Most Beloved Illustrator seems like a natural first choice. His most familiar image, Freedom from Want, could not be a better fit for such a high denomination; with a trillion dollar coin in the vault, who could want?:


Power Girl’s costume regularly tops lists of Most Sexist Superhero Outfits Ever, thanks to its cleavage hole. I decided to replace it with something that is not only less revealing but also goes better with the name:


I say Arm The Children- it works in Rwanda: