Wizard World Chicago: The Interview

Patric Lewandowski
Patric Lewandowski

I’ll have more to say about my time at Wizard World Chicago soon, but for now, here’s an interview recorded at the Con by cartoonist and Minneapolis Media Institute instructor Patric Lewandowski. The interview mostly deals with perspective and my two books on the subject, but it also touches on 24 Hour Comics and some of my recent projects like SNOW ANGEL.

David Chelsea is watching:
Starring Charles Laughton

You can read the complete interview here, but here’s an excerpt:

Patric Lewandowski (PL): My students love your book. I love your book! My teacher made me read it in college. I think it’s an educational classic in the making. That said, let’s talk about the perspective book. Your background is illustration and then you got into comics. What led you to making the perspective book?

David Chelsea (DC): I had always wanted to do a book on perspective.Years and years ago, I was good friends with Gary Faigin who wrote the book on facial expressions, and he took me out to lunch with his editor who was pumping me to do a book about comics. This was before McCloud’s book and before I was into comics in a big way. I had done comics in high school, but I had dumped that for illustration when I came to New York. I said, well comics is nice, but I’m not terribly qualified to write a how-to book on comics and the editor said, “That’s okay, if you were any good, you’d be too busy to do one.”

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