Now on Patreon: Are You Being Watched? The 24 Hour Comic, Part One.


It’s the second Thursday of the month again, and time to post some old comics from my archives on Patreon. This time it’s something not so old, the first eight pages of my 24 Hour Comic, Are You Being Watched?

David Chelsea is reading:
Orson Welles’s Last Movie: The Making of The Other Side of the Wind
by Josh Karp


This story was drawn in New York City in March 2013. I borrowed the structure from the old Peter Cook and Dudley Moore movie Bedazzled (itself based on the Faust Legend), but most of the content satirizes current Reality TV shows (all of which me and the family watch). Without giving away TOO many spoilers, Mugg (my interlocutor from the perspective books) falls for a girl who only has eyes for Reality TV (Mandy from the Sandy & Mandy strip which is to appear this fall in Dark Horse Presents):


The remaining pages will appear in coming months, and an expanded and redrawn version will begin serialization on Patreon later this year, most likely next month. Here are some preview panels:




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