The Secret Stash: Kaleidoscope Looping Gifs On Patreon


It’s the third Thursday of the month, and time for me to post a selection from My Secret Stash– sketchbook drawings, comics roughs, reference photos, and other marginal stuff– on Patreon.

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This month, it’s a selection of pieces from one of my side preoccupations, kaleidoscopic designs created in Photoshop. My usual practice is to scour the Internet for images that promise to generate interesting patterns when repeated infinitely in kaleidoscopic symmetry. I posted some examples of NSFW designs on Patreon a few months ago. This post tells you a little bit about my interest in these kind of designs, and my method for creating them.

This latest batch takes the idea a step further. Instead of still kaleidoscope images, these are infinitely repeating animations (the animations were rendered in the 3D application Lightwave, then converted to looping gifs on the free site Bloggif).

To create the videos, I have selected a number of my favorite origins images from the still series and given them the animation treatment, including this floral scene:

Creating a kaleidoscope video in Lightwave
Creating a kaleidoscope video in Lightwave

Here are some of the patterns I just posted. The subjects include gummy worms, an abstract painting by Jackson Pollock, a news photo from Abu Ghraib, and Paris Hilton’s sex video. A number of them are NSFW, so don’t tell your boss!:


Membership has its privileges; all Secret Stash material is viewable by Patreon sponsors at the $4.99 level and above. Here’s a free sample, an animated version of the ice crystal image that started it all for me: