Starting This Week on Patreon: Are You Being Watched?- The Webcomic


The First Thursday of July is fast approaching, and with it the long-awaited first installment of my new webcomic on Patreon, ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?

David Chelsea is reading:Hold Still: A Memoir with Photographs
by Sally Mann


This is an expanded revision of two 24 hour comics I drew in 2013, ARE YOU BEING WATCHED? , and ALL DAY AND ALL OF THE NIGHT. My plan is to post two pages of the story every Thursday, until further notice, or for as long as I stay on top of the schedule. I don’t have a firm idea of length at this point, but the full story is likely to be close to 100 pages.


Simply put, this is a version of the Faust legend, in which Mugg (the interlocutor in my perspective books), sells his soul to the Devil in order to pursue Mandy (co–protagonist of the story SANDY & MANDY, which is due to appear in DARK HORSE PRESENTS this fall). Since Mandy is obsessed with reality television, each of the 11 wishes the Devil grants Mugg place him in a different reality TV show, including versions of Survivor, Hoarders, What Not To Wear, and Honey Boo-Boo. I make a guest appearance as the Devil– classic typecasting.

That's Me!
That’s Me!

I’ll post again on Thursday when the first two pages launch.

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Read the first eight pages of ARE YOU BEING WATCHED? the 24 hour comic, on Patreon.