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The long-awaited day has finally arrived, the launch of my new webcomic, ARE YOU BEING WATCHED? I have just posted the first two pages to Patreon. My plan is continue posting two new pages every Thursday, until the story is finished- or until I fall hopelessly behind on the schedule (at present I’m about five weeks ahead). I don’t have a firm idea of length at this point, but the full story is likely to be close to 100 pages.
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First panel of 24 Hour Comic version.
First panel of 24 Hour Comic version.

This is an expanded revision of two 24 hour comics I drew in 2013, ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?, and ALL DAY AND ALL OF THE NIGHT.

Simply put, this is a version of the Faust legend, in which Mugg (the interlocutor in my perspective books), sells his soul to the Devil in order to pursue Mandy (co–protagonist of the story SANDY & MANDY, which is due to appear in DARK HORSE PRESENTS this fall). Since Mandy is obsessed with reality television, each of the 11 wishes the Devil grants Mugg place him in a different reality TV show, including versions of Survivor, Hoarders, What Not To Wear, and Honey Boo-Boo. I make a guest appearance as the Devil– classic typecasting.


This is the first comics project I’ve done with all-digital art (The current series of SNOW ANGEL stories I’m working on were inked on paper but colored digitally, while parts of the SANDY & MANDY story were just the reverse). It is also my first graphic novel-length comics story since WELCOME TO THE ZONE, in 1995 (assuming the two instructional comics about perspective don’t count).


All my comics content on Patreon is absolutely free, but if you like what you see, please $how your $upport! At present the monthly take from Patreon is under a hundred dollars, but if it passes $400, I promise to put up new pages in full, glorious color!


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Get ahead of the story! Read the first eight pages of ARE YOU BEING WATCHED? the 24 hour comic, on Patreon.


Panels from the 24-Hour comic version of ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?
Panels from the 24-Hour comic version of ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?