Becoming Lady Goddess


I’m posting two more pages of the latest serialized Snow Angel comic on Patreon today. In this story, Snow Angel meets a team of crime-fighting superheroes, The Congress Of Crusaders.

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Principal among these is a female superhero, Lady Goddess. Here is her entrance in the version I first roughed out in my sketchbook:


Lady Goddess went through some wardrobe indecision between first concept and the final inked version on Patreon. Initially, she had a tiara like Wonder Woman’s, and a thong like Vampirella’s, as well as a cape and a vaguely Grecian hairdo.


(BTW, both Wonder Woman and Vampirella have recently adopted new, less revealing costumes in response to feminist criticism. We’ll see how long that lasts.).

The tiara soon gave way to a goddessy crown of laurel leaves:


I still wasn’t entirely happy with the design- I found it hard to figure how exactly the hairdo and the laurel leaves fit together. Also, the cape covered her up a bit more than I would have liked (part of the story involves Lady Goddess complaining about how her skimpy costume leaves her freezing in winter), but I needed a striped element to go with the starry thong:



Things came together more when I gave Lady Goddess a 1940s hairdo, giving her the look of a character from the Golden Age Of Comics:


I was finally able to let go of the cape when I realized that I could put stripes on The Purse Of Power, Lady Goddess’s indispensable accessory. Here is the all-but-final version of the character (not quite final because I eventually hope to publish a version in color):



Since this is the Fourth Thursday of the month, I’ll be holding a video hangout this afternoon at 4 pm PDT. Today, I’ll show how to draw Snow Angel, and if there’s time, Lady Goddess!

Further Spencer news: after a couple of episodes in which his tribe won immunity, Spencer again found himself possibly on the chopping block, part of a minority of two within the Bayon Tribe, against a four-person alliance. However, a last-minute strategic squabble within the alliance led the other members to blindside Monica instead. Spencer survives!

Whew! That was close!
Whew! That was close!