The Secret Stash: More Letters To Mom


It’s the Third Thursday of the month, the day that I post The Secret Stash on my Patreon page– that is, sketches, reference photos, old flyers, and other ephemera from my files.

David Chelsea Is Reading: Barnaby
by Crockett Johnson

My mother, Lolita Marie Celsi, has been doing a lot of house cleaning lately, and keeps finding old letters with decorated envelopes I sent her and other members of my family over the years. Last month I posted a batch from the time she was getting a degree in English As A Second Language in Honolulu a few years ago; now she has brought forth a bundle mostly from the 1980s and 1990s.

This isometric view of my apartment kitchen in New York decorates a letter sent in 1985. I think the post office has tightened up its rules, and that a hexagon-shaped envelope would never make it through the mail today:


This letter to my sister Teresa from 1980 or so depicts a number of old girlfriends, almost-girlfriends, and what I might call aspirational girlfriends– which explains the presence of Farrah Fawcett and Bo Derek:


It’s not just envelopes either; one thing that turned up in this batch is a decorated 45 RPM single sleeve drawn in what looks like 1974 or so, to judge from the presence of Happy Days-era Ronny Howard and Jim Croce:


Mom is an artist herself, and has just launched a website to sell her oil paintings, many of which are quite fine (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree). I myself am fond of these two landscapes, and this still life of peppers:




Want to see more? Click on this link to the website!

Also on Patreon this week, the latest page of my continuing webcomic ARE YOU BEING WATCHED? In this week’s installment, Mugg stars on a Reality TV show in which he is co–owner of a comic shop. An Eisner-nominated alternative cartoonist, desperate for cash, has brought in a supposedly valuable vintage comic book to sell. Mugg’s partner does not appear to be impressed:


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