More Of Those Facebook Posts You’ve Been Hearing So Much About


David Chelsea is reading: The Arab of the Future: A Childhood in the Middle East, 1978-1984: A Graphic Memoir
by Riad Sattouf

Strangely malformed coffee filter:


Here’s why I prefer the Golden to the Silver Age:


I saw an article on Salon today advocating that we abolish the police. It made me curious about what we might replace them with, so I googled “replace the police”. This is what comes up first:


Parallel Evolution in FUTURAMA and ARCHER:


This is why I don’t ever want to get a tattoo:


Am I the only one who thinks white-on-black silhouettes just look wrong?:


Who else would like to see Elizabeth Marvel play Mary Marvel?


My Millennial friends tell me that the fedora has become toxic by association with a type of obnoxious dude who ostentatiously tips his hat while saying “m’lady” to single women, in a way that verges on sexual harassment. I’ve been wearing fedoras since the 1980s, and my friends assure me that I’m such an old guy my fedora use is grandfathered in, but if this keeps up I may have to switch to a homburg (this hat, by the way, is actually a trilby).


from Eadweard Muybridge: The Original Ice Bucket Challenge:


Since it was my grandmother’s name, I had to try the Aurora apple. Verdict: pleasant, unassuming flavor, a bit like Opal but not as chewy or dense. I would definitely buy it again, unlike the thoroughly undistinguished Eve. Are there any other apples out there with the names of my female relatives? Rebecca or Lolita apple, anybody?: