I have mentioned my upcoming book PERSPECTIVE IN ACTION from time to time, but last week it suddenly got more real when I received three advance copies of the book by FedEx. I of course cannot be objective, but I think the book is beautiful– kudos to my editor at Watson-Guptill, Patrick Barb, designers Emily Blevins and Mari Gill, and the entire production team.

David Chelsea is still reading:In the Great Green Room: The Brilliant and Bold Life of Margaret Wise Brown
by Amy Gary


This book is a departure from my previous perspective books in that it deals not so much with perspective theory, but more with application. Basically, it consists of instructions for a number of projects utilizing perspective: zoetropes, anamorphic murals, various kinds of perspective cabinets, and the totally awesome Ames Room, a box constructed in skewed perspective so that identical figures on opposite sides of the room appear to be radically different sizes:


Publication date is January 20 of this year (coincidentally, my wife Eve’s birthday. Early happy birthday, Eve!).

You can preorder this book on Amazon: