This Week On Patreon: More Scribe Illustrations And Hour Six On ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?


Today on my Patreon page I am posting another installment of my ongoing Secret Stash series of illustrations from the Portland Scribe, drawn in the mid–1970s. This batch includes a decidedly non–PC  tribute to the Native American inventors of the snowshoe:

David Chelsea is reading: Founding Fathers Funnies
by Peter Bagge


This calendar page image would seem to predict a brilliant future for me illustrating heavy-metal album covers, which somehow never came to pass:


Membership has its privileges; all Secret Stash material is viewable by Patreon sponsors at the $4.99 level and above.

Also this week on Patreon, the latest two-page installment of ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?, my continuing webcomic set in the world of Reality TV.   This sequence takes place at the taping of a reality show in which participants must draw a 24 Hour Comic. Our lovely hostess Roma introduces us to the goings on at Hour Six:


Mugg, the protagonist of ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?, is one of the contestants, and coincidentally, the comic he is drawing happens to be the very one we’ve been reading!:


I have also been keeping up a steady supply of the shorter End Strip and Call Slip comics. The most recent is this nonsensical mashup, made up of assorted song lyrics and lines from poems which happen to have an anapestic meter (the Donald Trump quote qualifies as a lyric because the Gregory Brothers put it in one of their Songify The News Videos).


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