This Week On ARE YOU BEING WATCHED? Work In Progress, And Mandy Rocks A Corset!



In this week’s installment of my continuing web comic on Patreon, ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?, Mugg is deep in the lucid dream he is having while napping at his drawing board during a 24 hour comics session. Mugg has discovered that he can control the events of his dream, so naturally he uses his powers to put the girl of his dreams Mandy into a very fetching corset:

David Chelsea is reading:Rose City Vice: Portland in the 70’s: Dirty Cops and Dirty Robbers
by Phil Stanford


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Also this week on my Patreon page, I have pulled back the curtain a little bit on my working method, and posted a Secret Stash of work-in-progress on ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?. This includes some tightly packed figure studies of the various characters who appear in recent pages, some of the backgrounds I digitally paste those figures on to, renderings of CG heads I use as reference to keep the character’s features consistent, and a full sequence of the stages of one individual panel:


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