How I Spent My Summer Vacation


We’re well into the fall, and I have posted only sporadically the entire summer, so it’s time I caught you loyal readers up on what I’ve been doing. One big thing was that I concluded my webcomic ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?, which I have been serializing on Patreon for the past two years. You can read the entire run of the strip on Tumblr here, at least for a while- there are plans in the works for a book version, and I will most likely take down the archive when that comes out.

David Chelsea is reading: Someone Please Have Sex With Me
by Gina Wynbrandt


A lot of the summer was taken up with events publicizing 24 HOUR COMIC, a documentary film featuring me along with my daughter Rebecca, UNDERSTANDING COMICS author Scott McCloud, BOILERPLATE creator Paul Guinan, my colorist/assistant Jacob Mercy, and a host of other talented cartoonists. Here is a photo from an event at Wild Things Games in Salem:


Good times!

At an earlier event at Tonalli’s Donuts in Portland, we were really pushing pre-orders of the film on iTunes. Here was Rebecca’s drawing in support of the cause:


The BIG event for the film was a screening at the San Diego Comics Convention Film Festival. Director Milan Erceg, Producer Ryan Sage and me all traveled down for it. Here’s a shot of three of us outside the convention hall:


Here, Milan has a close encounter with Alfred E Neuman:


ROAD TRIP! Milan and I actually drove down from Portland to the convention together. I didn’t have a lot of chances to take pictures along the way, but I did take this shot of a light fixture in San Francisco which shows The Three Ages Of Lightbulbs, incandescent, flourescent, and LED:


Also, this summer, my latest book, PERSPECTIVE IN ACTION, was published by Watson-Guptill. In case you missed it, here’s a link to a blog post with some of the reviews.


I picked a LOT of fruit this summer. My favorite blackberry patches on the Sandy River were threatened by the Eagle Creek fire in the Gorge, but I managed to get a couple of buckets anyway. I also picked salals to freeze for pie at the Coast, and in Cathedral Park. For unknown reasons it hasn’t been a good year for apples, but we did get a good crop of Asian pears from the tree on our property, and while harvest is a week or more away, it promises to be a good year for Concord grapes and figs. We had a spectacular harvest of Methley and Beauty plums from our trees in July:

Methley and Beauty Plums
Methley and Beauty Plums

I should have painted some still lifes, but both varieties are so juicy that they must be eaten quickly before they go bad. Here’s a photo of some of the pits:


My family took a number of trips to the Oregon Coast, and since the place near Newport that we share with nine other families was within the path of totality, of course we had to be there for the Eclipse on August 21st. We ended up viewing it from the parking lot at nearby Ona Beach. There were early morning clouds that threatened the view, but they had mostly dissipated by the moment of totality. Here I am a few minutes before, with my mother and my daughter Rebecca (photo by my sister Teresa).


Ben has been in college at the University Of Washington for two years, and this summer he was mostly in Seattle working an intern job, but he did come home for a few weeks in September. While here, he added one more painting to his Presidential portrait series, William Howard Taft:


Here are some sketchbook drawings done over the summer at various spots, including Neakhanie Mountain seen from Manzanita Beach, a favorite spot on the Sandy River, and Beaver Creek near Ona Beach. I hope YOU had a great summer!: