Modern Love Podcast: Race Wasn’t An Issue To Him, Which Was An Issue To Me | With Lorraine Toussaint

This week the Modern Love Podcast revives one of my favorite illustrations from my run on the column, which originally ran in 2006. From the website:

“Kim McLarin writes about race and dating in her piece, ‘Race Wasn’t an Issue To Him, Which Was an Issue To Me.’ It’s read by Lorraine Toussaint. She’s starring now in the shows ‘The Village’ and ‘Into the Badlands,’ and you can also see her in the upcoming films ‘Fast Color’ and ‘Sprinter,’ out later this month.”

David Chelsea is reading: Dreyer’s English
by Benjamin Dreyer

I haven’t seen Lorraine Toussaint in anything for years, but I remember her being great on the original “Law & Order.”

Lorraine Toussaint

For unknown reasons, the designers at the Modern Love Podcast have severely cropped my original illustration, which is perfectly circular. Appropriately, for an essay about metaphorical color blindness, I based it on the familiar Ishihara Color Blindness Test:

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