Stuff I’ve Been Posting On Patreon

I haven’t written here for a while, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. I’ve been posting content regularly on my Patreon page, which of course you would know about if you were one of my sponsors. My main effort has been going to instructional perspective videos created in Adobe After Effects. Since the last time I wrote about this project, I’ve posted three more:

Drawing Perspective with David Chelsea: Simple Two-Point Perspective

Drawing Perspective With David Chelsea: Simple Three-Point Perspective

Drawing Perspective with David Chelsea: Three-Point Perspective Axioms

David Chelsea is reading: Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me
by Mariko Tamaki and Rosemary Valero-O’Connell

New videos drop every second Friday. The latest video is accessible to subscribers at the $4.99 level. After two weeks, it drops to $0.99.

I’ve also been posting loose doodles and pages from old sketchbooks on a more or less daily basis. Here’s a typical recent page, drawn as a loosening-up exercise before starting on a SNOW ANGEL story:

Has my style changed much in 43 years? Recently, I posted nearly every page from a 1976 sketchbook, including a couple of whimsical cartoons and a straight portrait of my father:

After that, I pulled out a sketchbook from 1987, which included some early efforts in curvilinear perspective and a caricature of Rhythm and Blues pioneer Louis Jordan:

The videos and sketchbook drawings are accessible only to those with paid subscriptions (which start at $0.99 a month- cheap!), but I also put up free content, mostly comics. I’ve been posting an irregularly appearing series of comics drawn on library call slips for a couple of years. Here is a recent example:

On Mondays I post pencil roughs from DUCKLAND, a still-in-the-planning-stages sequel to my 1995 graphic novel WELCOME TO THE ZONE. In this story, former real estate developer, now President of The United States Ronald Duck is stranded in the bohemian neighborhood The Zone, and has some maximally punishing adventures:

I’ve also been posting a series of comics which appeared in Portland’s underground paper The Scribe during the 1970s. Naturally I include my own character Piggola:

I also posted a comic featuring the adorable baby character Beanso Beanslorf, drawn when I was twelve:

And a full page comic featuring Joe Cat and his wife Bodice, a sort of funny-animal Blondie & Dagwood:

I also posted a bunch of comics drawn by other artists which appeared in the Scribe, including this feminist winner by the otherwise unknown Billie Miracle:

Menstrual Sponge Comic by Billie Miracle

The most enigmatic of Scribe comics was “Millimonk”, a disjointed series of unsigned and nearly unfathomable full-page stories which ran for a few years. A book collection was eventually published under the name “Aleyunds”, but there the trail goes cold:

This doesn’t fit my usual Patreon editorial mission, but I couldn’t resist posting it anyway. Recently, googling myself, ( Oh, come on, we all do it!) I saw that right at the top of the pile was “David Chelsea Boot”. Clicking the link took me to Nordstrom’s website, where I found this item:

Naturally, I posted the image on Facebook, where it inspired my sister Anny to write this:

“Hey Hipsters! You, too, can stroll the aisles at Comic-Con or sit in your attic listening to Bob & Ray and sketching celebrities – and look GREAT doing it – in your all-leather Nordstrom(TM) brand David Chelsea Boots! Just like the published cartoonist they’re named for, these stylish kicks have a durable soul and breathable, flexible sides, tapering gracefully into a steel toe that will protect your tender feet from harm. Waterproof to withstand the Portland rain or a muddy berry-picking outing on Sauvie Island! Neighbors will turn their heads when they see YOU rolling your recyclables to the curb in your genuine David Chelsea Boots!”

I think Anny missed her calling as a writer for the J.Peterman Catalogue.

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