Not Your Typical Cat Video

My family and friends love to play the game “Eat Poop You Cat”, especially at large gatherings. This game is the drawing equivalent of the game “Telephone.” The way it’s played is that one person writes a simple description of a scene, preferably something comical like “a badger eating pizza”, then passes it to the next person. That person attempts to draw a picture to match, then folds the paper so that the only their drawing can be seen, and the NEXT person writes a description of that drawing, and so on until there is no more room on the paper. What may start out as the caption “Karen reads a lot of books”can end up as “A man presenting a girl with a snowman for her birthday” once it has traveled down the line.

Nothing beats playing this game in real life, but I hope this new After Effects animation conveys something of what fun it is.

Written and drawn by Eve, Ben, Rebecca, Lolita, Anni, Vanja, Mitch, Eric and David, November 2016

I’ve posted a scan of the original art on Patreon