24 Hour Comic 2022, Take 2!

My first call for 24 Hour Comic sponsors a week ago attracted no response, so I have crafted this shorter one tailored for Hipbone Studio regulars:

In case you can’t read the text, here it is in pixels:

Hi, I’m David Chelsea. I’m planning to draw my latest 24 Hour Comic this year on Saturday, October 1, as a benefit for Hipbone Studio.

To draw a 24 Hour Comic, the artist stays awake for an entire day, drawing one page an hour, until the following morning.

I’m looking for sponsors to pledge a certain amount- anywhere from one dollar on up, for each page I complete within that period. If I can raise pledges amounting to at least $300, I will go ahead.

My plan is to draw a story about my experiences drawing from the figure at Hipbone and elsewhere, titled Nudity I Have Witnessed.

When I finish, just write a check to Hipbone LLC for the appropriate amount. Sponsors receive either a printed zine of my completed comic or a digital copy, whichever they prefer.

Please email me at the address below for details:


Patrons who don’t live near Hipbone Studio or who don’t have any particular interest in it should know that you are welcome to pledge to the usual election year suspects: the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, or your favorite local candidate. As my email constantly reminds me: Our Majority Is On The Line!!!