Logrolling In Our Time

The writer Bart King was nice enough to include a link to me on his site, so I naturally recommend his many fine books, including the most recent, The Pocket Guide To Mischief.

Those of you planning to welcome Trick-or-Treaters should check out Bart’s appearance on the local morning show AM Northwest. His suggestions can make the whole experience so much more evil. Click on the picture labeled “Halloween Pranks.”

Let’s go to a yard sale!

Lets Go to a Yard Sale
Let's go to a yard sale!

I drew this story back in June. I was experimentally trying to do the 24 hour comic thing on a smaller scale, turning out a page an hour for six hours. In the end I fell short, winding up with five pages for six hour’s work. Most likely it was the extra time l spent writing all the rhymed dialogue that tripped me up. Nevertheless, l had so much fun doing this one that it inspired my new all-rhyming series Anapest. See the entire comic at Top Shelf.