The Things That Turn Up When You Google Yourself

I had a fine time at the opening of the Welcome To My World exhibit last night. Many thanks to Laura Russell and everyone at 23 Sandy Gallery, my fellow artists, and all the people who came.

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Re-up: Rebecca’s Room

Rebecca's Room on a globe
Rebecca's Room on a globe

I am rerunning a blog post about one of my spherical paintings from 2009, because it is in the show WELCOME TO MY WORLD, opening this Friday at 23 Sandy Gallery here in Portland:

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And So It Goes: Kurt Vonnegut: A Life
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Welcome To My World

I am in a show opening this Friday at Portland’s 23 Sandy Gallery, WELCOME TO MY WORLD, along with other area artists Mary Bennett, Allison Bruns, Chandra Cerrito, Susan Collard, Anna & Leo Daedalus with Samuel Miller, Kerry Davis, Tamara English, Adrianne Feldstein & Sonja Sujo, Heidi Kirkpatrick, Laura LeHew, David Meeker, Bonnie Meltzer, Cynthia Nawalinski, Jim Neidhardt, Jane Schiffhauer, Joanna Thomas, Robert Tomlinson and Renee Zangara. I quote from the catalogue on the gallery website:

“A stellar list of area artists were invited to consider a similar, unusual, three-dimensional object as canvas—a vintage world globe. This invitational exhibition was conceived and co-curated by new-to-Portland artist, Robert Tomlinson and is co-curated and hosted by 23 Sandy Gallery. The artists were asked to transform, build, infuse, reduce or reinvent the globe using the expressive power of cartography, exploring the form of the globe to create a compelling new work of art.”

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Unfamiliar Fishes
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