Coming In June: Perspective In Action!


Just a reminder to all you loyal readers that my latest instructional book from Watson-Guptill, PERSPECTIVE IN ACTION, is being published this coming June 20th (coincidentally, my wife Eve’s birthday).

David Chelsea is reading: Woman Rebel: The Margaret Sanger Story
by Peter Bagge

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Put on your 3-D glasses

 Here’s something new I’ve been goofing around with when I haven’t been deep in work on the new perspective book. It’s 3-D caricature, and it really works. My first subject is the great Jonathan Winters, one of a projected series titled (with apologies to Drew Friedman) “Old Goyishe Comedians (In 3-D, Yet!)”  You’ll have to put on your red/blue glasses to get the effect:

Jonathan Winters red/blue
Jonathan Winters red/blue

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