Paper-Tiger Takes Notice

Nice review of Anapest: The Minicomic on UK cartoonist Sean Tiger’s Paper-Tiger Comix biog this week. This all-rhyming 12 pager combines three of my online Anapest strips with a longer story, “Chastity Blasé”, written by me and illustrated by Chad Essley.

David Chelsea is reading:
Is That All There Is?
by Joost Swarte

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The Stumptown That Wasn’t

The Rarest Item At Stumptown
The Rarest Item At Stumptown

As reported in my last post, I had a pretty good time at Stumptown this year. There is only one way the event fell short of my hopes- I would like to have sold more copies of the Jack Chick homage minicomic that I did in collaboration with Chad Essley. Unfortunately I ran out of matte black ink in my printer while I was running off copies, and because my printer takes an esoteric brand of ink that is only available online, I was unable to get a replacement cartridge in time to print more before the event (and having the printing done at Formerly Kinko’s would cost nearly $8 a piece). The four copies I did manage to run off in time were snapped up almost immediately by a nice lady from the Multnomah County Library’s zine program, and that was that.

David Chelsea prints with:
an HP Photosmart Pro B8850
Inkjet Photo Printer

David’s printer takes an:
HP 38 Matte Black Pigment Ink Cartridge.

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