Perspective Police!: Boxing The Sphere


The twentieth anniversary of my book PERSPECTIVE! FOR COMIC BOOK ARTISTS is fast approaching , and it’s time to take care of some long-unfinished business.

A reader of this blog wrote recently to ask me to tell him how to draw a sphere correctly in perspective. He had touched a sore spot- I spend a lot of time in my book explaining how the instructions on how to draw a sphere in other perspective books are wrong, wrong, wrong, but I never lay out a method that is right, right, right.

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Work in Progress: Bowling Balls

Me holding a bowling ball at Wizard World Con in January
Me holding a bowling ball at Wizard World Con in January

Animated gif created in The CircleCam.


As I said in my last blog post, I will be appearing at the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle at the end of March selling copies of all of my books, drawing sketches, doing on-the-spot perspective critiques, and all the other stuff I do at cons. I will also be bringing along the project that has been preoccupying me for most of the year: a series of three spherical cartoon paintings on bowling balls which nicely combine two of my main interests, comics and unusual forms of perspective.

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Ask Mr. Perspective: Three-point Three Ways.


Fumitaka Kotani writes from Japan:

Hello. I bought your book “Perspective! for Comic Book Artists” 3 years ago, and I have drawn many drawings using your guide book, but still I can’t understand the three-point perspective part, especially when you say “lines can be used as horizontal line and each grid can be used 3-ways”.

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Perspective Police!: Plastic Man?


Here’s part of the presentation I gave last Saturday at Stumptown Comics Fest:

My fellow cartoonist John Linton Roberson brought this one to my attention. It comes from a comic called Flashpoint: Legion of Doom #1, published by DC in 2011. (Superhero comics, like animated cartoons, are a group effort. The credited artists for this panel are Rodney Buchemi, José Marzan, Jr. and Artur Fujita.)

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(비즈앤비즈 드로잉 라이브러리 시리즈5) 만화가를 위한 익스트림 투시원근법

Some images from the recent South Korean edition of Extreme Perspective!, translation by Yeong-jin Ahn and published by Viz and Biz. I got my copies last week:

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Back To The Return To The Chronic Rift

The old interviews are the best. Here’s one recorded in 1992, from the public access cable program The Chronic Rift. The interviewers are Andrea Lipinski and Keith R. A. DeCandido. The talk is mostly about my then-current comics series David Chelsea In Love, but it also touches on the optics of night vision, my preference for Embosso eggshell paper over coquille board, and my embarrassing East Village performance artist phase. I even work in a prophetic and utterly gratuitous mention of perspective.

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Stumptown to Sylvania

Not my best side
Not my best side

I had a perfectly swell time at Stumptown Comics Fest last weekend, signing my books, passing out copies of The Survey and chatting with friends and fans. But don’t take my word for it, check out this time lapse video of Stumptown Day One. I can be seen front and center, next to the big red screen, wearing a black vest. Don’t I look like someone having a good time?

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Just In Time For Stumptown: Immersive Comics!

This is a momentous blog post, for I have the honor of announcing the birth of a new art form: Immersive Comics. The parents are a bit of a May-December match: the venerable comic strip, which first appeared in newspapers over a century ago, but may be far older (Scott McCloud, for one, dates its first appearance to Ancient Egypt), and the immersive panorama, which has its roots in wide-angle photography, but only took on its modern form with the development of online photo sites in the 21st Century.

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Stumptown Preview 2012

Bagge: "I'll Be Back"
Bagge: "I'll Be Back"

I’m not planning on doing anything radically different at this year’s Stumptown Comics Fest, which is happening this Saturday and Sunday here in Portland. I’ll be selling books, among them my latest, Extreme Perspective! published by Watson-Guptill, taking pictures with my Palm Pilot (like this 2008 shot of Peter Bagge, who I think will be back this year), sketching during downtime, visiting with friends, maybe taking in a panel or two. At 1 pm on Saturday I’ll be doing pretty much the same perspective presentation I did last year.

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