Nudity I Have Witnessed

I completed the final panel of the final page of my most recent 24 Hour Comic at ten in the morning of Sunday, October 2nd, only four hours behind schedule (according to rules laid down by 24 Hour Comic inventor Scott McCloud, this is an acceptable variant- some projects just take longer, and this one involved a prodigious amount of shading). My final count was 23 pages and a cover image- which I consider a page on its own, but your mileage may vary. As promised, the story is titled Nudity I Have Witnessed, and it is a memoir of my years drawing the figure at Hipbone Studio and elsewhere.
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More Letters To Steve

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Los Angeles was a visit to my friend Steven Abrams. In addition to showing me his office at the Jimmy Kimmel show, Steve let me borrow a bunch more of the decorated envelopes I’ve sent him over the years (Previous blog post with more letters to Steve) to scan for that long-planned collection.

David Chelsea is reading:
Big Girls Don’t Cry: The Election that Changed Everything for American Women
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I See Naked People: Camera Lucida Drawings

Nude drawn using camera lucida at Hipbone Studio.
Nude drawn using camera lucida at Hipbone Studio.

I have just posted a portfolio of pencil drawings done using a camera lucida at Comics Lifestyle. About ten years ago an article about David Hockney’s controversial theory that great artists from the Renaissance on had used lenses, mirrors and other optical devices to project images for tracing made me curious to try it for myself; the camera lucida was one of the devices mentioned in the article (Hockney insists he sees signs of its use in lngres’s penciled portraits), and my friend Steve Abrams happened to have one sitting around that he wasn’t using. He generously agreed to let me have it for an extended loan.
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